“A sweet, shambling poem to the tenacity of hope and the sustaining power of friendship.” 


LA TIMES - critic’s pick -- GARY GOLDSTEIN


“It’s writer-director Joshua Locy’s novel creation of main character Ashley, a schemer and a dreamer who just wants love and a few bucks in his pocket, combined with Andre Royo’s (“The Wire”) limber, hand-in-glove portrayal of the oddly charismatic ex-con, that make this urban dramedy so memorable.” 




“a warm-hearted movie which follows a diehard romantic but refuses to romanticize his plight.”

“Royo and Sample completely inhabit their childlike characters, tethering even their cutesiest tendencies to a real sense of longing. They’re both noble fools, both tilting at windmills in a place where power is often harnessed by other means. Locy trusts in the purity of their friendship, and doesn’t contrive some flimsy plot device to bring them together.”

“‘Hunter Gatherer’ is a tender portrait of the black America that you seldom see in the movies” 




“‘Hunter Gatherer’ doesn’t look or feel like many movies being made right now. It’s about African- Americans living modestly in a black neighborhood in our second largest city, and the sense
of inequity and systemic discrimination is implicit in the story, but it’s a quiet, gentle film, laid
back without seeming sluggish. It never veers into a brutal crime plot to juice things up (as many similarly-set movies tend to do), nor does it feel compelled to make a statement about anything other than its eccentric characters’ relationships to each other and the wider world.”

“in the vein of ‘Midnight Cowboy’ or ‘Scarecrow.’ Movies like that are often about characters who want to be redeemed in some mysterious way, but are less-than-sensible in how they go about it.”

“At times “Hunter Gatherer” reminded me of an early work by Jim Jarmusch (“Stranger than Paradise,” “Down By Law”), other times Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have it” and Charles Burnett’s “To Sleep with Anger,” not just because it substitutes characterization and performance for scope and has sympathy for people living on the fringes of society, but also because it gives black actors the chance to appear in the kind of indie flick that’s nearly always populated by white actors, makes the milieu working class to poor rather than comfortably middle class (as most indie hipster movies tend to do), and builds scenes not around a propulsive plot, but around characters saying things that you or I might find odd as if they were perfectly natural.” 




“Hunter Gatherer is a remarkable work of cinema that sticks with you long after watching. Every scene aches of humanity in a way few films have accomplished.”

“I want to list every authentic moment in the lm, from Ashley shopping for a backpack to Jeremy naively asking if the doctor at the medical trial has his best interests in mind. If I were to go down that rabbit hole, I’d wind up transcribing the entire screenplay. Nothing feels out of place in the film.”

“Just thinking about the last shot, I’m torn between wanting to cry or start watching the film over again.”




“An ex-con’s attempt to take back control of his life doesn’t lead down any of the gritty roads you’d expect in “Hunter Gatherer,” a highly eccentric, funny-sad tale of friendship and failure that occupies a curious space between inner-city realism and almost childlike myth.“

“... (an) undeniably singular and imaginative work”

“weirdly charmed, even magical”

“Sample gives a performance that runs bone-deep”

“a portrait of an improbable but indelible friendship” 




“Indie film doesn’t get much better than ‘Hunter Gatherer’”

“You should do everything in your power to see this film as soon as possible. Hunter Gatherer is the kind of film that turns average moviegoers into full-blown cinephiles. It’s a fully realized vision of a world that is not unlike our own, with strong performances across the board and gorgeous cinematography that makes even the most mundane events feel oddly beautiful.”

“Joshua Locy has delivered an entirely original story that is not only entertaining in the moment, but one that also lingers in the mind long after the final frames have played. If more films were like this the world would be a better place.”

“For now, Hunter Gatherer is a frontrunner for best indie film of 2016, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it managed to remain on that list for the rest of the year.” 




“From the first frames of the film, Royo demands our attention. With the ash of a bemused smile or a piercing glare, the actor creates a character of great depth and humanity.”

“There is also a pulsing energy to this film that recalls the early work of Spike Lee.”

“Recalls the poetic realism of Marcel Carne’s Port of Shadows and the slow characterization of Robert Bresson’s Pickpocket. “

“leaves an impression that will linger for days to come, as images of Ashley and Jeremy continue to haunt the mind.” 



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“Both gently amusing and melancholic, Royo’s performance is matched by Locy’s astute direction, which make its beleaguered anti-hero’s series of dead ends into a kind of lower class adventure tale.”

“It’s also got one of the most charming ex-cons to grace American screens in some time.”

“While set in a struggling African American community, “Hunter Gatherer” exists a world away from the simplified portraits found in countless other dramas with similar settings.”